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Aluminium Extrusion End Caps and Covers

FlowStores range of aluminium extrusion end caps and covers are designed to be used with FlowStore’s range of FlowTube aluminium extrusion profiles.

Aluminium profile end caps and covers (cover caps) are available for all profile slot sizes – 5, 8 and 10 mm, and all profile designs.

The custom-made extrusion end caps and covers are durable in any industrial or commercial environment, and both ‘proud’ and ‘flush’ end caps are available, adding to the possibilities for perfectly aligned, precision design.

Extrusion Caps Protect Extrusions and Look Good

3D printed extrusion cap covers perfectly fit the profile end they are designed to cap, with no gaps or rims. This aligned attachment protects the extruded profile ends in any conditions.

When used in commercial applications, they ensure the extrusion profile ends are covered to be protected but also to look as good as they function.

Extrusion profile end caps are made from injection-moulded PPN 1060 plastic and come in a standard matt black colour. But they are no ordinary accessories.

Aluminium profile end cover caps may be small, but they are as much essential building blocks for materials handling equipment as are extrusions they protect. Precision accessories such as aluminium extrusion cover caps help boost your bottom line – with optimal production and value for the customer.

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